This is not your average gym.
That being said, we don’t produce average results. Metroflex Gym is not a health spa. Metroflex was built by trainers – an elite training facility with an old-school feel; raw of fluffy TVs and smoothie bars.
We don’t exercise, we TRAIN. Our environment is hardcore. Energy and intensity always remains high, providing a workout experience that’s unattainable at a typical health club. We use chalk, grunt, play real gym music, and actually have a fun time in the process. You’ll find training at Metroflex to be invigorating and the most exciting workout of your life.

Break from Conformity

“We are a HARDCORE TRAINING FACILITY, but we are not just only for powerlifting, bodybuilding and MMA. Our biggest drive is helping people, in fact we have a couple of individuals we are assisting to achieve better health, so they can live to see their children grow- deciding that enough is enough and MAKING A LIFE CHANGE…now that’s hardcore!”
– Daniel Hagerty

History of Metroflex

Established in 1987- The original Metroflex Gym was created in 1987 by world renowned trainer, Brian Dobson, in Arlington, TX. It was created to give people a change from the corporate gym atmosphere. When you walk into Metroflex Gym, the “HARDCORE” atmosphere hits you and you are instantly ready to start training. Now over 20 years later Metroflex has spread its wings, giving everyone the chance to train like a champion.

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